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Switch Panel


The RS-140 dual button call panel substation is designed to be used with the N-8000RS or N-8010RS substation interfaces.  It provides Call (Red) and Privacy (white) buttons.  The call button can be programmed to report to any master station based on job specification.  Additionally both buttons have individual LED indicators to show when the button is active.  It requires 3-conductor shielded twisted pair (STP) wiring and mounts in a standard US single gang flush or wall mount box.  The optional RS-141 handset for private calling, or a 25V/1W speaker such as the PC-580RU for room announcement applications, can be connected to the call panel station.

Product Features

  • Call button and privacy button with LED Indicators.
  • Supports two-way (half-duplex) communication.
  • Prevents incoming calls, pages & scans by pushing the privacy switch.
  • Private, handset conversation is available using the RS-141.
  • Connects to N-8000RS/8010RS using twisted two-core, shielded cable.

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