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ADA-compliant emergency outdoor substation


The Q-RS180BZ emergency single button outdoor call panel substation is ADA compliant with Braille labeling and is designed to be used with the N-8000RS or N-8010RS substation interfaces.  It provides a 4cm (1.57in) speaker for clear audio and a single mushroom red anodized metal call button allowing for simple call-in operation.  The call button can be programmed to report to any master station based on job specification.  Additionally the substation’s front faceplate is made from thick 11 gauge stainless steel stock for added durability and the circuit boards have been weather treated for moisture exposed installations.  Visual call-in progress feedback is achieved with a red LED above the call switch.  The LED flashes when the call is placed and is steadily lit when the call is answered.  An open collector trigger is provided for local triggering by the call-in button for devices such as a strobe light or other indicator while a call is in progress.  The substation requires 3-conductor shielded twisted pair (STP) wiring and mounts in a standard US 3-gang flush or wall mount box.

Product Features

  • Emergency/Rescue outdoor substation
  • ADA compliance features
    • Large red anodized metal mushroom button
    • Red Call Assurance LED with dual indication
    • Emergency and Braille labeling
    • Audible sound Buzzer
  • Heavy-duty brushed stainless steel faceplate, #11 Gauge
  • Provides half-duplex communication
  • May be programmed to communicate with a single master station
  • Provides local open collector control output
    • Open collector circuit is activated when the "Call" button is pressed and stays active until the call is completed
    • Buzzer remains active until the call is completed
    • Open collector circuit is typically used to trigger a 3rd party vendor strobe light at the remote station location to indicate the station is in use
    • Open collector circuit is not remote controllable from other devices
  • Weather resistant conformal printed circuit board coating
  • Works with N-8000RS & N-8010RS substation interfaces
  • Up to (16) sixteen RS-1x0 Remote Stations can be used per N-8000RS/N-8010RS substation interface
  • Mounts in 3-gang, 3 inch deep electrical box with adapter ring (supplied by 3rd party vender)

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