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WT-4820 Modular Dual Channel Wireless Receiver


THE TOA WT-4820 MODULAR DUAL CHANNEL WIRELESS RECEIVER combines cutting-edge wireless technology with user benefits such as fast setup, simple operation, and reliable performance. The WT-4820 accepts up to two WTU-4800 Diversity Tuner Modules available in 3 different frequency bands with sixteen user-selectable channels in the UHF band (636 - 722 MHz) with simultaneous operation of up to sixteen channels. Features include individual channel outputs, mix output and antenna cascade for sharing antennas between two units. A convenient Mix-in jack allows the connection of the audio output of a second WT-4820 or other source. Handheld transmitters include the WM-5270 Dynamic for vocals and the WM-5225 Condenser for speech. Bodypack transmitters include the WM-5325 Rechargeable UHF Body-pack Transmitter. All transmitters offer ten hours of operation from one nine volt battery with low battery indication. The bodypack transmitter also has a recessed on/off switch to prevent accidental shut-off and a rotatable bodypack clip for versatile mounting.

All TOA wireless systems are FCC and UL listed, and are backed by a five year warranty.

Product Features

  • Modular Dual Channel Wireless Microphone Receiver
  • Compact --Up to Two Wireless Channels in a Half-Rack Space
  • Two Module Slots for WTU-4800 Diversity Receiver Modules
  • Sixteen Channel Frequency-Agile, UHF Band (636 - 722 MHz)
  • Up to Sixteen Simultaneous Channels in Only Four Rack Spaces!
  • Two Detachable Antennas and Power Supply Included
  • Front Panel:
  • Individual Output Volume Control for Each Channel
  • Frequency Adjustment Access
  • Antenna A/B and Peak LED's
  • Rear Panel:
  • Individual Channel Outputs plus Mix Output
  • Antenna Outputs With Support for Optional Remote Powered Antenna
  • Mixing Input for Audio Output of Second WT-4820 or Other Source
  • Antenna Cascade Output for Linking Two WT-4820 Units
  • FCC and UL Listed
  • Five Year Warranty

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