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Integrated Audio Collaboration System


LENUBIO (AM-CF1) is a new audio system for conference rooms which incorporating TOA's proprietary array microphone technology, digital signal processing and 2-way active speakers. While you can see the clearer image via any newest video conferencing system, are you hearing conversation clearly? High quality loudspeakers, and array microphone which collects sound ideally by detecting and tracking voice in real-time will make team collaboration more productive and your presentation more attractive. 



Product Features

  • TOA's proprietary real-time steering array microphone technology offers ideal sound collection
  • High quality audio supports natural conversation at a distance
  • Easily connectable via USB for a PC-based Web conference and for USB-connectable camera
  • Bluetooth® interface allows attendees on the public phone line
  • LED light tells your voice is now being surely collected and delivered to remote partner
  • Wall-mount installation gives more free desk-top space
  • Black or white color selectable according to interior design
  • Compatible for Ultra PoE and power supply
  • Built-in DSP function such as Automatic Echo Cancellation and Automatic Noise Reduction

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