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Telephone Interface Unit


The N-8000AL allows any telephone handset that has DTMF and Caller ID functions to be used as a master station on an N-8000 system. Rack mount kit not included. Use TOA MB-15B-BK (one unit per rack space) or MB-15B-J (two units per rack space)

Product Features

  • 10/100BaseTX Ethernet network connection
  • Occupies one network node (192 max.)
  • Single telephone line allowing an analog telephone to be connected
  • Allows any analog telephone to function as a master station.
  • 8.27" (W) x 1.74" (H) x 10.51" (D)

The latest firmware version is 4.10(update:2014/11/13). The latest software version is 4.2.0(update:2015/04/03),and old version 1.41(update:2008/10/06). The Maintenance Software(Ver.1.2.0) is used to monitor or maintain equipment within the system(upload:2015/04/03).The recording software(update:2015/04/03).

Additional Information