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P-9060DH Power Amplifier 2x 60W @ 70.7V

P-9060DH CU

The TOA P-9000 Series Power Amplifiers comprised of the P-9060DH CU and P-9120DH CU provide 2-Channel power amplifiers to provide system expansion of the 70.7 volt amplifier outputs for the 9000 Series Mixer/Amplifiers using the T-001T output modules. This maintains the systems cool 9000 Series style and look.

Product Features

  • 2-Channel Power Amplifiers with 70.7V outputs:
    • P-9060DH CU - 60W
    • P-9120DH CU - 120W
  • 2-Channel Power Amplifier models feature flexible output power allowing 50% of one amplifier channel to be allocated to the second amplifier channel
  • Channel 1 & 2 Inputs balanced (H=Hot, C=Cold and E=Shield) with selectable input sensitivity: 0dB or -20dB
  • Channel 1 input to ALL selectable switch
  • Volume control security cover knobs included: Qty. 2 YA-920
  • 2RU Rack Mounting hardware included
  • Front panel LED indicators for: Protect, Peak, Signal and Power

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