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TOA USA Repair Information

Beginning April 1, 2010 to arrange for repair of your TOA Electronics, Inc. product, please contact:

Spectrum Sound, a TOA Authorized Repair Center. Spectrum Sound will provide warranty & non-warranty repairs of all TOA Audio Products, excluding wireless products, conference systems, and N-8000 intercom products, for TOA customers in the Mid-West and Eastern parts of the United States.

They are located in Indianapolis and can be reached at:

Telephone: (317) 923-7868

Email: info@spectrumsound.biz

Address:  3440 West 30th Street
               Indianapolis, IN 46222-2150

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern

Spectrum Sound agents are experienced technicians who will work with you over the telephone to determine:

1) If the unit has been correctly installed.

2) If the problem is possibly operator or programming error.

3) If the product does require repair services.

4) If the product status is "In Warranty" or "Out of Warranty".

For all other areas and repairs concerning wireless products, conference systems, and N-8000 Intercom Products, please contact:

TOA Electronics, Inc. - Technical Services - Product Support Group at (800)733-4748 Option 2

"In Warranty" Repair:

If the product was sold as TOA brand "A" Stock and you do not have a copy of the "Invoice" or "Bill of Sale" we will use the manufacturing date code and provide "In Warranty" repair service for the product warranty time period + (6) six calendar months.


If the product was sold as TOA brand "B" Stock or Non-TOA branded product to obtain "In Warranty" repair you will be required to provide a copy of your "Invoice" or "Bill of Sale" to the repair center agent via Fax, Email or Postal Service so that the warranty status can be determined prior to your shipping the product to the factory repair center.


In Warranty repair products must not be shipped to any repair center without TOA service authorization preapproval. Products received at any repair center without TOA service authorization preapproval will be refused.


"Out of Warranty" Repair:

If the product is determined to be "Out of Warranty" you will be referred to the local (independently owned and operated) TOA Preferred Repair Center or you can choose to send the product to the TOA Factory Repair Center.


Repair Processing:

Upon the determination that repair service is necessary, the repair center agent will collect your contact information along with detailed information regarding the condition of the product requiring service.


Within (3) three business days, the repair center will contact you via Email, Fax or Postal Service and provide you with the shipping instructions.


Note: Attempted delivery of products to the repair center without authorized preapproval will be refused. All products must be shipped into and out of the repair center as we do not provide a "Will-Call" area for product drop-off or pick-up.


Important information to understand when shipping your TOA product to or from the repair center:

Each individual product must be boxed separately along with the shipping instructions in packaging sufficient to safely reach the repair center and return safely to the customer. The customer may be charged for new shipping packing materials if the inbound shipping packaging is unsafe for the repaired product return shipment to the customer.

The repair center is not responsible in the event the product is physically damaged during shipment. The repair center will contact the customer and advise them to initiate a damage claim with the shipping company. The Customer is responsible for all products received by the repair center with shipping damage. It is the customer's responsibility to settle the shipping damage claim with the shipper. TOA Electronics, Inc. is not responsible for any shipping damage.

Products received by the customer from the repair center in damaged condition should file a damage claim with the returning shipping company.

Shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer for all products shipping into the repair center. The customer shall be responsible for all return shipping charges to and from the repair center for all "Out of Warranty" product repairs.

The repair center will pay shipping charges for "In Warranty" product repairs shipping back to the customer via UPS Standard Ground service - without insurance. Customers may request shipping insurance coverage but will be required to pay for the insurance prior to shipment.

Customers requesting expedited (Air or Next Day type) shipping of repaired products shall be billed in full for these expedited shipping charges.

Replacement Parts

Warranty - Replacement parts are covered by a 90 Day replacement warranty if it is determined that the part failed due to a manufacturing defect. Replacement parts can not be returned for credit, refund or exchange.

You can order TOA repair replacement parts by calling:

If you already have the TOA Part    Number please call:
TOA Customer Service Group:

(800) 733-7088

Hours: 7:00am to 4:30pm PST, Monday through Friday (Except Holidays). Parts can be ordered via credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express) or via an established TOA account*. 

(*A hard copy of your purchase order is required to place an order on a TOA account. Fax your purchase order to (800) 733-9766 or email to orders@toaelectronics.com)


If you do not have  the TOA Part    Number please call:
TOA Technical Services - Product Support Group:

(800) 733-4748 "Option 2"

Hours: 8:00am to 4:30pm PST, Monday through Friday (Except Holidays). The agent will assist you with determining the TOA Part number.


Note: Limited parts and repair services are available on the following discontinued products:


A-901A, A-903A,A-906A, A-912A, P-906A, P-912A, P-924A


M-1212E, M-1264

VHF Wireless Microphones:

WA-641, WA-641C, WD-770, WM-270, WM-280, WM-290, WM-370, WP-760, WP-860, WT-770, WT-780, WTU-770, WTU-870

Note: Replacement parts, repair services and product support are no longer available for the following discontinued products:


A-901, A-903, A-906, A-912, BG-10, CA-10, CA-20, CA-40, CA-60, CA-120, CA-240, KD-1, KD-2, KD-3, M-900, M-2200, M-2200, MA-220, MA-220W, MA-230, MA-240, P-75D, P-150D, P-150M, P-300D, P-300M, P-906, P-912, P-924, P-1030D, P-1060D, P-1090D, P-2062, P-2120, P-2122, P-2240, P-2612, PA-22, PA-031, TA-30RZ, TA-60RZ, TA-101, TA-110A, TA-120RZ, TA-301U, TA-303U, TA-406A, TA-406U, TA-412A, TA-412U, TA-856, TA-857, TA-907, TA-908, TA-955, TA-956, TA-957, TA-958, VMS-2000, WA-22, WA-24, WA-313, WA-520, WA-520C, WA-620, WA-620C, WA-640, WA-640C, WA-642, WA-641C

Conference System:

CM91A, CM-92A, MX-91A, TS-1000, TS-1100, TS-1200, TS-1300, TS-1500,

Electronic Control Units:

AC-F1, AC-L1


E-111, E-112, E-131, E-2300, EQ-910, EQ-910A, RE-11, RE-12

Microphones (Wired):

DM-23U, DM-030U, DM-100H/L, DM-221L, DM-403, DM-503, DM-521B, DM-521H/L, DM-524B, DM-524S, DM-531H, DM-603, DM-603U, DM-604, DM-604U, DM-605, DM-605U,  DM-703, DM-803, EM-801, EM-801U, EM-802, EM-4083, GM-304, GM-304S, GM-305, HY1, HY2, HY3, HY4, J1, J2, J3, K1, K2, K3, K4, KY, PM-100, PM-600, PM-600D, PM-600U, RD-10, RD-12, RD-13, RD-14, RD-15C, RD-16, RD-17E, RD-18, RM-820

Microphones (Wireless):

WD-700, WD-740U, WD-760, WD-770, WM-140, WM-146, WM-210E, WM-240U, WM-270, WM-271, WM-280, WM-281, WM-290, WM-291, WM-300E, WM-340U, WM-358M, WM-370, WM-371, WMA, WMC-1~6, WME, WT-02, WT-06, WT-700, WT-740U, WT-770, WT-780, WT-781, WT-840U, WT-870, WTA, WTU-770, WTU-771, WTU-840U, WTU-870, WTU-871, WU-20

CX1, CX-124, CX-164, D-3, D-4/E, D-5.5, DI-1616, DP-0202, DP-0204, DX-0808, IX-9000, KD-1, KD-2, KD-3, MCX-106, MX-101, MX-104, MX-106, MX-106R, MX-401, MX-601, MX-602, MX-981, RX-5A, RX-5-16A, RX-6, RX-6A, RX-7, RX-7-164, RX-7-248, RX-7-328, RX-31C, RX-208/212/216, RXA-1, RXA-212/216

Multitrack Recording System:

MR-8A, MR-8T

Player Unit:

PAU-01, PAU-02

Sound Processor:

CL-021, D-2400, HNW-500, HNW-800RV-14, NL-021, SAORI, V-141

22-ME, 22-ME-AV, 265-ME, 265-ME-AV, 280-ME, 280-ME-AV, 312-ME, 312-ME-AV, 30-SD, 30-SDM, 38-SD, 38-SDM, 300-SD, 301-SDM, 380-SD, 380-SE, 380-SEM, 381-SDM, 480-SE, BS-20W, CS-31PW, CS-61P, CS-61PW, CS-152PW, CS-302PW, F-150G, F-155G, F-150W, F-155G, F-155WP, F-300G, F-300W, F-500, F-500SR, F-500WP/L, HS-15, HS-212, HS-215, HS-315, PJ-100, PJ-200, RS-10, RS-20, RS-21M, RS-200, RS-200A, RS-300, RS-300A, RS-500, RS-500A, RS-2000, RS-2000A, RS-3000, RS-3000A, SDB, SEB, SLB, SF-30, SF-60,  SL-12, SL-12M, SL-15, SL-15M,  SL-22, SL-60W, SL-60WH, SL-120, SL-120M, SL-150, SL-150M, SM-25A, SM-25M, SM-60, SM-68, SM-75, SR-F1, SR-F1A, SR-L1, SR-L1A, SR-M1, SR-M2, TC-5K, TC-101, TC-101A, TC-154S, TC-154SM, TC-154ST, TC-201, TC-201U, TC-201V, TC-272, TC-273, TC-301TA, TC-302, TC-304S, TC-304SM, TC-304ST, TC-373, TC-374, TZ-105, TZ-205

Spectrum Analyzer:



TT-104, TT-501Q, TT-502Q,


DT-900, DT-901, DT-910, RT-22, RT-025, SAT-91

VHF Wireless Microphones:

WA-520, WA-620, WM-240U, WM-270, WM-280, WM-290, WM-340U, WT-740, WT-840