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Boundary Condenser Microphone


TOA's EM-Series Presentation Microphones are designed for superb sound quality and reliability and represent a new TOA standard of microphone performance. They are stylishly designed and compact and feature extended high-frequency response to enhance clarity and high resistance to ambient noise, which provides exemplary speech reproduction. The new TOA microphones comprise the EM-800 Gooseneck mic, for mounting either directly into a table or podium receptacle, or may be used anywhere when inserted into the optional ST-800 Desk Stand. The EM-700 Boundary mic is a low-profile, hemispherical pickup pattern which provides consistent even pickup in-front and rejects un-wanted sound from the back. Lastly, the EM-600 Flush Mount Boundary mic may be inconspicuously installed into a wall, ceiling or table and offers an omni-directional pickup, making it ideal for wide areas in conferencing and surveillance applications.

Product Features

  • Ideal for speech and recording applications at meetings, lectures, and religious services.
  • Electret condenser microphone element with cardioid pattern for focused pickup.
  • Design, optimized to deliver best performance when used on a desk.
  • Slim, stylish design suits interior decor.
  • Rejection of undesirable off-axis sound minimizes possible feedback.
  • Low-cut filter switch prevents interference from ambient noise from being picked up.
  • Wide frequency range of 30 Hz - 20 kHz provides well-balanced sound with clarity and a satisfying tonal response.
  • Male XLR-3-12 connector equivalent
  • Phantom power range of 9 to 52 volts enhances operational versatility.

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