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NX-300 Series Network Audio


NX-300 Front


NX-300 Rear

NX-300 Front

The NX-300PS US uses an advanced implementation of its Packet Audio™ streaming technology (same as NX-100PS US) with improved broadcast capacity & system expandability, WAV file functions and addition of other advanced features. The NX-300PS US can be used to create wide area PA and announcement systems over any IP network. Ideal for railway systems, airports, regional business broadcasts, Bank ATMs, parking system communications & industrial facilities.

The latest NX-300 firmware version is 2.0.1(update:2016/10/7).
The software version is 2.0.0(upload:2016/9/23).

Product Features

  • Transmits 16 bit audio w/sample rates up 48kHz for better than CD audio quality
  • Up to 500 NX-300s can be connected to each other via LAN or WAN
  • Up to 1,000 links can be established and broadcast patterns
  • Up to 64 NX-300s can be programmed for use over extremely wide areas
  • High or low broadcast priority can b set to allow for paging override with alert tones, or announcements
  • Broadcast patterns may be activated via contact closures or via the on-screen GUI
  • Dual-channel capable of bi-directional (full-duplex) dual mono signals
  • Transformer balanced ins & outs to accommodate virtually any mic or line level signal
  • Can store 8 WAV files (uploaded from PC) of up to 2 minutes max length each, for playback over network
  • The rear panel features a complement of 8 contact inputs and outputs
  • Adjustable output volume of a broadcast based on a programmed scheduler
  • System configuration, control and monitoring via the supplied GUI software and also via web browser

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