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Flush mount master station (hospital grade)


The N-8033MS is a flush or surface mount master station that connects to an N-8000EX or N-8010EX intercom exchange by a single twisted pair wire. It is capable of full duplex hands-free or handset communication with other full duplex stations. The N-8033MS supports one-touch dialing from four control inputs and connection of an RS-191 handset for privacy. The N-8033 is IP65 and features a chemical resistant membrane switch and polyester film finish, making it suitable for hospital use

Product Features

  • IP-65 rated outdoor in-wall Master Station.
  • Chemical resistant for use in industrial/harsh environments.
  • One input for use with foot switch dialing.
  • Works with N-8000EX & N-8010EX using single twisted pair connection.

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