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N-8000 Series IP Network Intercom System


The N-8000 Series IP Network Intercom offers a powerful, flexible intercom platform that allows IP only or hybrid wiring solutions for up to 3,072 stations on existing local and wide area data networks. Built on TOA's proven packet audio technology, it is easy to configure for new and retrofit applications using your existing structured cabling.

 The N-8000 system is equally at home in school, high rise, security and government applications. For systems that require bi-directional communication with 3rd party control platforms, they system can be controlled using our IP protocol and SDK.

 A wide range of master stations, door stations, and call-switch plates is available. Standard features include multi-zone paging, off-site access, remote monitoring, audio level trigger for call initiation, emergency call from any station, paging/intercom over WAN for school districts and corporations and contact closure interfaces for easy integration with 3rd party systems.

 An available SIP gateway allows integration of our new N-SP80 series of SIP video intercoms, with up to five full duplex pathways available at one time between the N-8000 system and the N-SP80 system. Of course, the N-SP80 is Cisco certified for use with your VoIP system.

 For more information on the N-8000 system please give us a call. We can provide design help, certification for technicians, and full product support from both our East coast and West coast locations.

Product Features

  • Scalable network communications for up to 3,072 stations over data networks (LAN/WAN)
  • Flexible configuration options for existing cabling and network infrastructure
  • Occupies minimal network bandwidth -- 130 kbps max. (station to station call)
  • Hands-free full-duplex conversation (Not including Q-N8540WP which offer Half-Duplex conversation)
  • Control and monitor through software and web browser
  • Versatile features including 192 zone paging, time-based call forwarding and scan monitoring

Station Options

  • IP Stations with Ethernet port connect directly to the network (up to 192 stations)
  • Connect up to sixteen two-wire stations to compact Network Exchange (up to 192 exchanges for up to 3,072 stations)