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SX-2100AI Audio Input Unit


Introducing a scalable new system for configuring versatile and highly effective PA applications. The SX-2000 Series features new matrixing capabilities, so a single system can have its components distributed in different locations, yet under centralized control. Ideal for large-scale installations ranging over multiple buildings as well as local systems, the versatile SX-2000 Series is particularly well-suited for airports and railway stations, factories, shopping malls and large offices. Versatility is ensured by such features as a dual power source and redundant backups for fail-safe operation, making it a cost-effective solution for virtually any installation, and without long lead times or the expense of a custom system. A fireman's microphone feature is also included, for enhanced effectiveness in an emergency. SX-2000 Series components enable creation of an ideal system for all sorts of application requirements.

The SX-2100AI is an audio input of the matrix system and can be mounted in an EIA equipment rack (2U size). Multiple units can be decentralized in a whole system. It features modular construction that allows it to handle from two to eight inputs per unit. Audio signals are transmitted digitally to the audio output unit, but an analog audio output function (1 channel) enables simultaneous all-zone calls for use in emergency situations. Audio input levels are indicated on the level meters provided for each input channel. Volumes can be adjusted for each channel using the volume controls on the front panel or the SX-2000 software. The volume controls can be locked. Any input channel can be monitored using the internal speaker. It is also equipped with 16 control inputs, and 16 control outputs. It is equipped with two power inputs, allowing for a redundant power system.

The latest firmware version is 3.11(update:2014/02/06).

Read this manual first before installing and operating.

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