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EASE Focus Software

EASE Focus is a software that allows the modeling of acoustic sources, in particular line arrays, in two dimensions. It considers the direct field created by the complex addition of the sound contributions of the individual loudspeakers or array elements. Based on an intuitive and consistent interface, the design of EASE Focus is targeted at the end user, but also at the R&D engineer.


Download the software V2.5 by clicking here.

Product Features

Aiming and color mapping display:

  • Zoomed rigging display
  • Extended report for printing
  • Levels over audience areas
  • COM and tilt angle calculation for multiple selected pinpoint

Presets for audience areas and array setup

English and German language version

Acoustic calculation:

  • SPL in 1/3rd octave, octave, 3 octaves, broadband
  • RMS, program and peak levels
  • Flat and A-weighted levels
  • Air attenuation according to ISO 9613
  • Complex modeling of cabinets with multiple sources per cabinet
  • Amplitude shading
  • Optimized SPL calculation routines for interactive aiming

More Information

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Additional Information