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Speaker Placement Viewer Software

The latest TOA Speaker Placement Viewer version is 2.0.3 (update:2016/13/05).

The latest version of the TOA Speaker System Software, is now available with added features and more data/products for all of your favorite TOA ceiling and wall-mount speakers. And, best of all, the TOA Speaker System Software is 100% FREE!

Easy to Use -- design and layout systems in minutes!

  • Automatic or Manual Layout Modes
  • Color Display of Sound Pressure Level with adjustable resolution
  • Interactive Frequency Response Display -- changes in real-time as you move the mouse through the coverage area
  • Updated Speaker Database includes most TOA models plus generic 4", 5" and 8" ceiling speakers
  • Rectangular or Hexagonal Layout Patterns -- Maximum Overlap, Minimum Overlap and Edge-to-Edge
  • Adjust Individual Speakers -- location, power and placement angles
  • Minimum, Maximum and Average SPL Display for both pink noise and music/speech
  • Selectable Frequency Centers -- 1/12, 1/6, 1/3, 1, 2 and 4th octave
  • Print Function includes color plots and speaker locations with Print Preview

Click here for a list of applicable speaker models.

Click to Download Speaker Placement Viewer Data Files.

Product Features

  • 3D View and Model Data available for download per model
  • recommended amplifier power calculation
  • energy or interference modes
  • normal or reverse polarity for individual speakers
  • metric or imperial units
  • zoom in/out and fit modes
  • distance between columns/rows

More Information

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