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5000 series Wireless Tuner Module


The WTU-M9800 tuner may be used in any TOA mixer that accepts a 900 series module. Each module is a diversity UHF receiver with 16 user selectable frequencies. Up to two modules may be used in a frame without the use of an external power supply. A wide range of M band transmitters is available, as all 5000 series microphones and belt packs are compatible with WTU-M9800. Two whip antennas on standard BNC connectors are included. Phantom power on the antenna inputs supports the use of TOA’s YW-4500 Q powered remote antennas.

Product Features

  • PLL synthesizer controlled double super heterodyne diversity tuner
  • Use with any 5000 series hand-held or belt-pack transmitter
  • Use up to two tuners in 900 or 9000 seriers without any external power ssupply
  • Up to 16 channels
  • Save on installation costs, rack space, and shelf space
  • BNC connectors for local antennas or remote mounted antennas

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