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Since the opening of its second terminal building, increased traffic has made Tokyo International Airport (also known as "Haneda Airport"), Tokyo's gateway to the sky, even more convenient. Here, TOA's "Passenger Announcement System" provides travelers with flight status information, by automatically broadcasting pre-recorded messages using the voice file unit or by broadcasting flight information over the intercom system in real-time. The facility's "sound matrix" allows relevant information to be broadcast in the specific areas where it is needed. Further, announcements made from the traveler service center in Terminal One can also be distributed via the IP network for remote broadcast in Terminal Two. Combining information and communication technologies in this way helps ensure the smooth, effective conveyance of important messages. Further, in the event of fire or other disaster, a TOA public address system swings into action, immediately switching to the Emergency Broadcast System to offer information needed to help ensure the safety of travelers, airport employees, and others. Through such systems,TOA supports an environment that helps people use the airport facilities smoothly and with greater reassurance and peace of mind.