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Home » Case Studies » HX-5 and HX-7 Speaker Systems for Harvest Productions

William Chrisman High SchoolIn the Kansas City Metropolitan area, the Independence School District set forth a mandate that all educational facilities must have identical audio/visual systems. Martin E. Pilewski, Lead, Systems Design of Harvest Productions, Inc. in North Kansas City, knew TOA Electronics could provide him with exactly what he needed. Pilewski had previous knowledge about the HX-5 Line Array Speaker System, and with some assistance from TOA's Area Systems Engineering Team, decided they were the perfect fit for the school system mandate. He then started installing the speaker systems, along with their matching FB-120 Subwoofers, in the William Chrisman High School, Truman High School, and Van Horn High School performing arts theaters all within his set budget. With minimal EQ needed, the balcony and seating area had the needed fills and delays Pilewski desired. This greatly impressed the school board making Harvest Productions, Inc. the sole provider for the installation of all 35 audio/visual systems for the district. "I just commissioned the first of my three Independence school district high school theaters... They brought the staff and Principals in from the other two schools that are getting the exact same systems... everyone was completely ecstatic about the quality of the audio in those rooms. Individually, each came up, shook my hand, and thanked me...TOA is very much the talk of the town," said Pilewski. With this being set in motion, there was still one more project Pilewski needed assistance on and again TOA was there to help make it all happen. After a colleague saw the new HX-7 Line Array Speakers at InfoComm15, he told Pilewski it was imperative he have a demonstration immediately for his upcoming Baptist Church project. The sound quality immediately blew everyone away, and with the price point being well within the budget, the HX-7s were installed as the center-point with matching FB-150 subwoofers being concealed within existing organ speaker covers. More of Harvest Productions, Inc. and their projects with TOA products can be heard throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan area.

William Chrisman High School Van Horn High School
William Chrisman High School Van Horn High School