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The large, silvery roof of HOME'S STADIUM KOBE resembles a bird spreading its wings, hence its name. Because the stadium is designed to be used exclusively for such ball games as football and rugby, it has no track around the pitch, thus providing spectators with a closer view of the games.
To install the most ideal sound system in this stadium, we carefully examined the reverberation times and maximum sound pressure throughout the entire stadium from the perspectives of both architectural and electric sound acoustics, with repeated simulations performed before installation. Employing a digital console and a digital processor as a nucleus, the system permits all of its operations to be controlled from a central sound control room, and facilitates the creation of the most appropriate sound systems for individual games. The system also features a special function that suppresses noise heard in surrounding area to a bare minimum.

In the FIFA World Cup 2002 jointly being held in Japan and South Korea, TOA's sound system will present all the emotion and excitement of the football stadium in terms of its sound presentation.