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The immense complex, "Harumi Island Triton Square" was recently completed in Harumi, Tokyo, one of the first man-made land reclamation islands created in Tokyo Bay. TOA installed the emergency PA system in this vast facility.
Harumi is Japan's largest redeveloped city, and Triton Square is a self-contained "new town" where "work," "play," and "housing" functions are totally integrated. The area features an office zone where three high-rise intelligent buildings tower majestically over the island, a shopping zone with restaurants and shops selling high-sensitivity, name-brand products, and a housing zone which provides comfortable living accommodations for people young and old. In this new "town," special considerations were given to space creation by arranging shops around a courtyard so that the visitors can feel the sensations of open air and the changing seasons. The "town" is now attracting an increasing number of visitors of all ages as a new Tokyo center of recreation and relaxation.

TOA's emergency system employs a centralized remote control configuration which permits all equipment operation and management to be performed from the central security center for more efficient operation. Broadcast equipment can be easily operated by clicking on corresponding points shown on the area map displayed on the PC monitor.

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