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Home » Case Studies » St. David's Lutheran Church, West Columbia, SC

The sound system in St. David's Lutheran Church in West Columbia, SC needed to be replaced because of poor sound coverage and as well as issues with their analog mixer. They decided to upgrade their systems using three of TOA's HX-7 Variable Dispersion Speakers.  The system they created consists of 3 HX-7s stacked vertically in a center cluster array along with the matching FB-150 15” subwoofer. Using the HX-7’s variable angle adjustability,  they set the top speaker at zero degrees targeting the back, the middle HX-7 tilted at 15 degrees to cover the center and the third HX-7 set at 45 degrees positioned to hit the front pews. The FB-150 subwoofer will be used only for traditional worship service, but according to the installer Sid Gattis of Gattis Pro Audio, "The FB-150 will probably not be used that often due to the amount of sufficient low-end from the HX-7's. It sounds warm and we even had to roll off some of the low-end from the HX-7's."

In talking with the church's senior pastor, Rev. James Laurence, he said that this new sound system  got its true test on Christmas Eve for a service that was aired live on NBC's local affiliate, WIS-TV which was a first for St. David's.

This is Gattis Pro Audio's first HX-7 installation. They've done many HX-5 installations in the past, which influenced Sid's choice to go with the TOA brand. Aside from the perfect sound, one of the main deciding factors was the cost.  There is a lot more profit for the sound system contractor using TOA Electronics.