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IR Integrated Wide-dispersion Ceiling Speaker


The IR-802 Infrared Wireless Classroom System consists of an IR Integrated Wide-dispersion Ceiling Speaker (IR-820SP) with a built in Infrared Receivers and Amplifier, an IR Wireless Tuner (IR-802T) and hands-free (IR-300M) IR Wireless Microphone, all connected by one CAT-5 cable. This system provides uniform sound throughout the classroom. Cost effective and providing quick installation, this system requires only one wide-dispersion Ceiling Speaker where conventional classroom systems rely on four ceiling speakers. The advantages of using an IR Wireless Classroom system is confidentiality, no longer a need to worry about using up all the available UHF channels, intelligible sound transmission, and the reduction of teacher fatigue during class.

Product Features

  • Complete Package System for Classroom Reinforcement Applications
  • Integrated Compact IR Tuner/Mixer & Powered Speaker / IR Sensor connect with a single CAT5 (RJ45) cable for fast, simple installation
  • Secure IR transmission is free from eavesdropping and RF interference. No frequency coordination required for adjacent rooms
  • Includes Pendent-Style Teacher's Mic and Dual Battery Charger (optional Hand-held Student mic is also available)
  • Allows use of two IR mics simultaneously (any combination of Teacher / student mics)
  • 3 Aux inputs for other audio sources (PC, DVD player, MP3 Player)
  • ALD output with level control for connection to Assisted Listen Devices or Remote Classroom feed
  • 20W Class D Amplifier for clean sound with high-efficiency and low temperature operation
  • UL2043-rated amp/speaker allows ceiling plenum installation
  • Mute input for priority override of output during paging event
  • 3-band EQ allows for easy tone adjustment
  • Optional Rack mount kit (MB-15B-BK), Tile Bridge (HY-TB1) and wall-mount kit (WB-802)

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