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Connection Adaptor


The Q-SS9012PS Multi-Zone Speaker Selector has 2 amplifier inputs and 12 individual relay switches to select the amplifier connected to each 12 speaker line/zone. This allows up to 12 zones for paging and BGM distribution with a dual channel amplifier or simple paging system with only a one channel amplifier. TOA's new concept offers a real cost effective multi-zone paging system.

Product Features

  • Simple, low-cost solution for multi-zone paging with minimal equipment
  • Works with 9000M2 GUI software v2.0
  • Speaker selector: Q-SS9012PS
  • New 9000M2 Software:
  • In Paging Matrix-New Paging sync function allows up to 12 synchronized contact-outputs along with each page event
  • Each sync point controls an independent C-OUT connection, which in turn activates the independent speaker outputs on the Q-SS9012PS
  • AD-246 24VDC Power Supply included with each unit
  • Simplifies connections between a Q-SS9012 speaker switch and a Q-RM9012 desktop zone paging microphone/controller
  • One 3-pin Phoenix jack and Two RJ-45 jacks
  • One 3-pin Phoenix plug provided
  • Adaptor connects to the two 12-pin Phoenix plugs of a Q-SS9012 using a standard blade screwdriver

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