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PCB kit version of RS-144 dual call button panel


The RS-142 is the circuit board version of the popular RS-144 call panel substation for installation into custom designed switch enclosures.  It features the same dual button call panel station functionality and is designed to be used with the N-8000RS or N-8010RS substation interfaces.  It provides Emergency and Normal button operation that can be individually programmed to report to any master station based on job specification.  It requires 3-conductor shielded twisted pair (STP) wiring and mounts in a standard US single gang flush or wall mount box.  The optional RS-141 handset can be connected to the call panel station for private calling.

Product Features

  • Allows configuration with custom housing and switch.
  • May be programmed for dual-priority call or call into two different master stations.
  • Connects to N-8000RS & N-8010RS exchanges via shielded twisted pair wire and 25V speaker for half-duplex communication with assigned master station.
  • Optional RS-141 handset may also be used.

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