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RS-480VSET AM Video Intercom System


The RS-480VSET consists of an intercom substation RS-480V, and a video substation interface unit IF-480V. The RS-480V is an intercom substation with a color camera which is designed for indoor and outdoor use in combination with the IF-480V, and the N-8400RS substation interface unit.  It requires only one CAT5 cable to connect between the RS-480V and the IF-480V.

NOTE: If you are designing a new system, talk to your dealer or contact your Area Systems Engineer to learn about the advantages of using our 2-wire, 3-wire, and all-IP systems and our new N-SP80 video door stations.
If you have an existing 4-wire system and need to replace a component, please contact your manufacturer’s representative or TOA Customer Service for availability.

Product Features

  • Intercom substation with a color video camera.
  • Cone-type internal speaker.
  • Electret condenser internal mic.
  • 170° horizontal video camera angle.
  • Day & night dual mode auto switch.
  • Transmission range of 3000ft (AWG24).
  • Power source supplied from IF-480V.

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