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Wide-Dispersion Speaker


THE H-3 EX WIDE-DISPERSION WALL-MOUNT SPEAKER addition to the TOA Interior Design Series and continues TOA's modern, innovative approach to commercial speaker design. The H-3 EX's unique appearance and superb sound quality providea welcome alternative to conventional wall-mount speakers for spaces where appearance is a prime consideration.

Applications include speaker systems for hotels, houses of worship, offices, museums, residential spaces, restaurants, retail stores, and many others. A weather-resistant version, model H-3WP EX, is also available for outdoor applications such as gardens, patios and swimming pools.

The H-3 EX's wide 140 degree horizontal coverage pattern provides a solution for eliminating deadspots inherent between wall-mounted speakers. Also, the Minimum Reflection design significantly reduces sound wave reflections and the resulting sound coloration that occurs with conventional bracket-mounted "box" type speakers.

The H-3 EX is a two-way, sealed enclosure with high quality components including a 1" dome tweeter, dual 4" woofers, matching transformer, and removable terminal block. The grille is paintable for custom-matching to the room decor.

An optional 900 Series Processor Module is also available for convenient system equalization using the industry-standard TOA 900 Series Mixer/Amplifiers. The H-3 EX also carries a five year warranty.

* Note: For outdoor installation, it is recommended that they are installed under roofs, eaves, or in other locations not directly exposed to rain or snow.

Product Features

  • Unique Appearance blends well with modern architecture for background/foreground music and paging systems.
  • Wide Variety of Applications including hotels, houses of worship, museums, offices, residential spaces, restaurants, and retail stores.
  • Wide Coverage Area: 140° horizontal x 70° vertical dispersion
  • Weather-Resistant Version Available, Model H-3WP EX, for outdoor applications such as gardens, patios and swimming pools.
  • Minimum Reflection Design reduces sound wave reflections typical of conventional bracket-mounted "box" type speakers.
  • High Power Handling: 150 W (Continuous Program)
  • Two-Way, Sealed Enclosure with High-Quality Components: 1" Dome Tweeter and Dual 4" Woofers with Neodymium Magnets
  • Built-In 70.7/100 V Matching Transformer (30 W max.) for distributed speaker systems (8 and 16 ohm taps also available).
  • Protection Circuit prevents loudspeaker damage from excessive input.
  • Built-In Crossover with optimized filter slopes.
  • UL-Listed Fire-Resistant Material
  • Removable Terminal Block with loop-through terminations for distributed speaker systems.
  • Paintable Grille to custom-match to the environment.
  • Five Year Warranty

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