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DT-930 AM/FM Tuner

DT-930 UL

The DT-930 UL AM/FM Tuner is a frequency-synthesized AM/FM stereo tuner designed to provide broadcast program material for background and foreground music systems. Featuring a clean, uncluttered look with easy and intuitive control, the DT-930 UL provides outstanding performance and sound quality with superb sensitivity and stability.

A large digital LCD display indicates radio station, memory preset, tuning mode and frequency band. The DT-930 UL offers 40 memory presets which can be divided as desired between AM and FM stations. The automatic up or down station scan control can be used to select the next preset or frequency. In addition, manual station tuning is also provided using the station up/down tuning bar. Both these tuning methods can be set independently for the AM and FM bands. Alternative selection methods include direct entry of a frequency or memory preset number.

For selecting stations without referring to any frequencies, the DT-930 UL provides an Automatic Preset Tuning (APT) function which automatically scans from the lowest frequency of the band selected. As it scans, it will automatically enter the first 20 stations it encounters for both the AM and FM bands. The result is automatic programming of all memory presets. Both mono and stereo line outputs are provided, each with an output level of –15dBV into loads of 10k ohm or higher, optimum for driving the line inputs of TOA mixers and amplifiers. Included with the tuner is a 300 ohm FM dipole antenna, AM loop antenna and stereo RCA cable.

The DT-930 UL is UL listed and backed with a five year warranty.

Note: The DT-930 UL replaces the discontinued DT-920.

Product Features

  • High quality, commercial AM/FM tuner
  • Frequency synthesized digital tuning ensures reliable signal reception
  • Sensitivity Specification:
  • AM:    24dBmicroV (practical sensitivity)
  • FM:      4dBmicroV (IHF sensitivity)
  • Assignable presets for up to forty AM/FM stations
  • Multi-function LCD digital display
  • Automatic station scan (local or distant) mode
  • Automatic station storage to memory using scan mode
  • Manual station selection using up/down keys
  • Direct station frequency entry using numeric keys
  • Separate stereo (dual RCA) and mono (RCA and screw terminal) outputs
  • Stereo: dual RCA pin jacks
  • Mono: RCA pin jack and screw terminals
  • Includes FM and AM antennas plus stereo RCA cable (40")
  • Optional rack-mount kit, model MB-15B (1U)
  • Five year warranty

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