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Flush-mount Metal Back-can


The IR-802 Infrared Wireless Classroom System consists of an IR Integrated Wide-dispersion Ceiling Speaker (IR-820SP) with a built in Infrared Receivers and Amplifier, an IR Wireless Tuner (IR-802T) and hands-free (IR-300M) IR Wireless Microphone, all connected by one CAT-5 cable. This system provides uniform sound throughout the classroom. Cost effective and providing quick installation, this system requires only one wide-dispersion Ceiling Speaker where conventional classroom systems rely on four ceiling speakers. The advantages of using an IR Wireless Classroom system is confidentiality, no longer a need to worry about using up all the available UHF channels, intelligible sound transmission, and the reduction of teacher fatigue during class.

Complete Package System for Classroom Reinforcement Applications
Integrated Compact IR Tuner/Mixer & Powered Speaker / IR Sensor connect with a single CAT5 (RJ45) cable for fast, simple installation
Secure IR transmission is free from eavesdropping and RF interference. No frequency coordination required for adjacent rooms
Includes Pendent-Style Teacher's Mic and Dual Battery Charger (optional Hand-held Student mic is also available)
Allows use of two IR mics simultaneously (any combination of Teacher / student mics)
3 Aux inputs for other audio sources (PC, DVD player, MP3 Player)
ALD output with level control for connection to Assisted Listen Devices or Remote Classroom feed
20W Class D Amplifier for clean sound with high-efficiency and low temperature operation
UL2043-rated amp/speaker allows ceiling plenum installation
Mute input for priority override of output during paging event
3-band EQ allows for easy tone adjustment
Optional Rack mount kit (MB-15B-BK), Tile Bridge (HY-TB1) and wall-mount kit (WB-802)

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