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Remote Master Volume Control(VCA)


The V-01S is a plug-in type VCA module designed to be used in conjunction with TOA's 900 Series and BG-2000 Series amplifiers. Its 3P terminal block is equipped with a 24 V output that supplies power to an external controller, and a control input. The gain between IN and OUT is set within the range of –100 to 0 dB referenced to the 0 – 10 V control voltage.

Product Features

  • Voltage controlled amplifier (VCA) for applications requiring preset remote master volume control.
  • Line input and output connect to host amplifier's Preamp output and Power Amp input.
  • 24 VDC output and Control input interfaces directly to RDL model
  • D-RLC3 Remote Level Control.
  • RCA jacks and Phoenix-style removable terminal block connector.

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