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900 Series Modules General Information

TOA 900 Series Modules give you the power to configure custom systems fast! The modules are available in three categories:

Use "B" Series modules with transformer isolation for balanced or unbalanced sources.
Use "L" Series modules only for 600 ohm impedance matching.
Use "U" Series modules for unbalanced sources with short cables (less than 15 feet).
Note: All "S" type modules with 3-screw terminal connectors transitions to Removable Terminal Block (Phoenix-type) in 2004. Models include: B-01S, B-11S, L-01S, L-11S, L-41S, M-01S, M-11S, M-51S, M-61S, S-01S, S-02S, S-04S, T-01S, U-01S, U-11S, U-12S and U-61S. New Removable Terminal Block (Phoenix-type) connectors have the following pin-out: H: Hot, C: Common, E: Earth.

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