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Spotlight on the NX-100
October 07, 2014

The TOA NX-100 has been around a few years and as its popularity grows, so do the list of problems that it can help solve. The NX-100 is a transmitter/receiver that can broadcast high-quality audio (using TOA's Packet AudioT streaming technology), contact closure & RS-232 serial control data over LAN & WAN. Any NX-100 can broadcast background music, paging or messaging sources to up to 63 other NX-100s located anywhere on the network (LAN and/or WAN). Up 20 programmable broadcast "patterns" can be set and activated using control or VOX (or be set to "always on"), along with control data to facilitate synchronized activation of related functions (such as message playback, PA zone selection, CCTV camera call up, signage activation or access control). It's ability to broadcast over WAN (Internet) makes it suitable for applications with very large geographical requirements, whether it's cross-county or cross-country! This can all be set using the supplied (Windows) GUI software. The software also allows precise management of packet size & error correction methods to help optimize bandwidth usage, sound quality & minimize packet loss. A built-in browser function also allows access to device-specific administrative functions such as IP settings, passwords & can also provide detailed operation and error logs, which makes remote troubleshooting a breeze. The NX-100 may be used to add network functionality to any non-IP systems, such as TOA 9000M2 & VM-3000 Series products. An NX-100S model has more a basic feature set and provides a lower-cost option. In short, the NX-100 sets up quickly and easily and is a cost-effective solution for bridging communications between college or corporate campus buildings, Industrial plants or transportation terminals. For more details, please click here.